This week we sit down with Terry A Wiyrick over at Umpqua Bank Home Loan Division.

Terry gives us an in depth look at buying a home from a mortgage lending standpoint.

As a certified first time Home Buyer Coach Terry’s vast knowledge and 30+ years experience can be the deciding factor in a multiple offer situation that many find themselves in with the current market trends.

The biggest influence on sellers is the difference Terry explains between pre-approval and credit approval.

By submitting your loan application to a Loan Underwriter (who is there to determine the risk vs reward of this particular loan) and providing all of the documentation needed to the Loan Underwriter allows for a quicker close, a stronger offer and more buying power.

Next Tuesday we talk with Matthew Pedersen over at Quantum Home Inspection to explain the home inspection process and why it is so important not just to the buyer but also to the Lender and the sense of security that comes from having a great Inspector!

Remember, buying a home takes a team and We can help you find yours!

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