Part 5- Real Estate Broker’s

This week I want to speak with you about how carefully choosing the right agent to represent you in a real estate contract is essential.

Think of working with your agent as a business partnership, because it is. You are entering into a contract that is for most home buyers the single largest investment they will ever make in their lifetime. Beginning the process with this mindset can ensure the transaction is to your benefit. With that comes who you trust to guide you in this process, interview multiple agent’s, much like a home, you will know when you find the right one.

Often times home buyers are unaware of the behind the scenes work that their agent does on their behalf. From negotiations to coordination of documents, lenders and closing agents there is much that goes into the back end of a real estate transaction. Your buyers agent is there for your best interest, they are to negotiate your wishes, write contracts that protect you and your goals, and overall broker the deal to your specifications. Your agent should offer their professional opinion and advice in accordance with the current market trends in order to ensure a competitive offer. In the Spokane market where multiple offers are often times over the list price are becoming more common, having an agent who can efficiently guide you can be the difference between putting in one offer and getting it accepted, or putting in fifty.

In the video I stress the partnership between a home buyer and their agent, I say it like this because it truly is a relationship and in a relationship there must be trust. Navigating the paperwork proficiently, communicating with all other parts of the team and making sure that any and all hurdles that come up are handled quickly and efficiently are examples of things a good agent will be able to handle with ease. Your agent is the glue that holds your entire team and transaction together. Good communication, time management, going the extra mile and the willingness to do what it takes on your behalf is what will set your agent, your team and your transaction apart from any other.

If you have any questions or would like to begin your journey of home buying please contact us today!

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