Credit Reporting



NuKey Realty & Property Management has partnered with CredHub to start rental credit reporting.


Most people spend 26-50% of their income on rent, so shouldn’t you get credit?


Credit reporting for on-time rent payments only costs $10 per month, per adult.




  1. Rent reporting is backdated up to 24-months, not just going forward. That’s potentially 2 full years of 100% payment history for credit!

  2. A refund program where if a resident buys a home from us, we will refund everything they’ve paid towards credit reporting. ex. 2 adults who rent for 2 years will receive a $480 refund at the time of purchase.

  3. Free Community Perks program for you to save on your favorite brands – from move-in bundles to everyday deals.
    • Get access to thousands of big deals on major brands, for anything from furniture and utilities to streaming and restaurants.
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