What To Ask At an Open House – 15 Questions

Attending open houses is a crucial step in finding a new home. It offers potential buyers a unique opportunity to explore properties in person, gain a feel for different neighborhoods, and envision future possibilities. More than just a casual visit, these events can provide invaluable insights if approached with the right mindset. To maximize the benefits of attending an open house, it’s essential to come prepared with questions. These inquiries help you better understand the property and gauge whether the home aligns with your needs and preferences. Buying a home is often one of the most critical decisions — you don’t want to make a significant mistake by being unprepared!

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Understanding why the property has been on the market at the open house can indicate the home is overpriced.

1. How Long Has the Property Been on the Market?

Understanding a property’s long on the market is critical in assessing its demand and value. A home that’s been listed for an extended period might indicate issues not immediately apparent or a price above market value. Conversely, a newly listed property may suggest a more competitive buying scenario.

2. Have There Been Any Price Changes?

Investigating a property’s price history can offer insights into the local real estate market and the seller’s situation. Frequent or significant price changes could point to the property being overpriced initially or to underlying issues that might have deterred buyers. They can also signal the seller’s willingness to negotiate.

3. Why are the Sellers Moving?

There are many reasons to sell a house in Spokane, some good and some bad. Knowing the seller’s motivation for moving can provide valuable leverage in negotiations. For instance, if the Spokane sellers relocate for a job and face a tight timeline, they might be more open to a quicker sale at a lower price. However, it’s essential to approach this question diplomatically to gather information without intruding on the sellers’ privacy.

Finding out if there are any issues with the house & property can help evaluate the value of the home.

4. Are There Any Issues With the Property?


Inquiring about any known issues with the property is crucial for making an informed decision. This includes structural problems, repairs, or renovations the property may need. Understanding these issues upfront can help you evaluate the home’s actual value and potentially save on future unexpected costs. You don’t want your dream home to turn into a nightmare!

5. What’s Included in the Sale?


Clarifying what is included in the sale—such as appliances, fixtures, or even certain furniture pieces—can prevent misunderstandings later on. Knowing exactly what you will be getting with the home is important, as this can significantly affect its value and your decision-making process.

6. How Old is the Roof and Major Systems?


Inquiring about the age and condition of the roof and major systems like heating, cooling, and plumbing is crucial. Knowing this helps estimate potential future expenses. A newer roof or recently updated systems can be a significant selling point, while older ones might necessitate costly repairs or replacements soon.

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Asking what the home's utility costs can help you know your future expenses.

7. What Are the Average Utility Costs?

Understanding the average utility costs for the property is essential for budgeting. It provides a clearer picture of the total cost of homeownership in Spokane beyond just the mortgage. High utility costs impact your monthly budget, while energy-efficient homes offer savings.

8. Are There Any Pending Offers?

Asking about pending offers can inform your offer strategy. If there are multiple offers, it might turn into a competitive situation, requiring a more strategic approach. Conversely, the absence of offers could provide more room for negotiation.

9. What is the Neighborhood Like?

The local community significantly influences your living experience. Asking about the neighborhood’s character, safety, amenities, and overall atmosphere can help you determine if it aligns with your lifestyle and preferences. It’s also wise to inquire about community events, schools, and traffic patterns.

Planned developments in the area such as a park

10. Are There Any Planned Developments in the Area?

Understanding any planned developments nearby is essential as they can impact property value and daily life. New infrastructure, like parks or schools, can enhance the area’s appeal, while significant commercial developments might affect traffic, noise levels, and the community feel.

11. What is the Parking Situation?

Parking availability and any restrictions are essential factors, especially in urban areas. Ask about the number of parking spaces, garage or driveway availability, and street parking rules. Adequate and convenient parking can significantly enhance the value and appeal of a property, especially if you have multiple vehicles or frequently host guests.

Asking about any past renovations during the history of the house can give insights of the property's maintenance.

Understanding the property’s maintenance history is crucial. Inquire about any past repairs or renovations, including when they were done and who completed them. This information can give insights into the property’s condition and reveal how well it has been cared for. It can also indicate the quality of the artistry and materials used.

13. What is the School District Like?

The quality of the local school district is a significant factor, especially for families with children. A reputable school district can enhance property value, often a priority for people who want to buy a house in Spokane. Ask about the schools’ ratings, programs offered, and the general reputation of the district.

14. How is the Local Traffic and Public Transportation?

Understanding the local traffic patterns and public transportation options is essential, mainly if you commute daily. Ask about peak traffic times, the convenience of accessing main roads or highways, and the availability of public transport services. This information can significantly impact your daily life and overall satisfaction with the location.

If the seller wants to sell their home fast in Spokane, it is good to know what closing date works for both parties.

15. What Flexibility Is There With the Closing Date?

While most folks want to sell their home fast in Spokane, there may be some wiggle room. Understanding the seller’s timeline and any flexibility can assist in planning your move and coordinating with the sale or rental of your current residence. This can be particularly crucial if you need to synchronize moving out of your old home and into the new one

Make Sure You Ask the Right Questions at an Open House

Asking the right questions during open houses is not just a step in finding a new home in Spokane—it’s a strategy for making an informed decision. Each query, from understanding the property’s maintenance history to the nuances of the local school district, provides vital insights beyond the surface. Being thorough and inquisitive at open houses empowers you as a buyer, ensuring a clear and comprehensive understanding of your investment.


As you navigate the home-buying journey in Spokane, remember the value of being well-prepared for each viewing. It’s not just about liking a property; it’s about knowing it inside out. At NuKey Realty, we understand the importance of this process and are committed to guiding and supporting you every step of the way. With our deep knowledge of Spokane and its unique properties, we can help you ask the right questions and find the perfect home that meets all your needs and more. Contact us for help today!

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